Digital Marketing

The importance of marketing and advertising is imperative for a small business owner. Your trade or services you provide to your customers with supreme quality while also maintaining a level of rapport with your customers is the frame work for laying down your foundation of a profitable business. Once you've mastered the trade or service you provide and have solid customer service relationships established with your clients and prospective clients, it is time to lay down the "concrete" in the frame work you've established through utilizing an effective marketing and advertising campaign. Obviously word of mouth is great, but customers in this day and age solidify that "word of mouth" by checking you online presence. And if they can't find you they go with your competitors. With 3.5 billion Google searches being made every day and 90% of searches made on desktops are done via Google; it is crucial to have an online visibility presence established with your small business. Having an established marketing budget and being able to track the performance you receive (ROI-return on investment) is the most proven way to generate leads and get your phone to ring. As a small business owner you can either do nothing (marketing and advertising) and that's going to cost you in lost revenue, OR you can do something and have a specified plan and that's going to cost you as well. So raise your hand and decide are you going to do nothing and lose money? Or are you going to invest in yourself, and all the sweat and hard work you've put into your company, and invest in a plan that leads to actionable leads filling your pipeline with clients and revenue. You chose...

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